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    Product Category


    Clean environment test component

    Clean fabric dust test table (HAMK drum)

    Clean fabric dust test table

    Filter integrity tester

    SX-L1053U Filter test rig


    Independent Design, Customizable Service
    Intelligent design, attention to details, customizable service
    Control section, independent research and development, novel functions
    All-around services of production, installation, training and testing

    Complete Products, Multiple Varieties
    20 years of equipment production experience in the industry
    100+actual performance of clean product delivery for brand customers
    Standard plant, short production cycle

    Stable Quality, More Reassurance
    The first generation of clean technology researchers, with more than 30 years of industrial experience
    Perfect quality technology experience and skills
    Many invention patents, reliable quality, high durability in use

    After-sales Service, More Perfection
    Many service providers all over the country
    Half-hour response to customer complaints, 2-hour supply of solutions
    Specially-assigned persons for regular return visit, listening to customer feedback, extreme perfection

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    2018 Global pharmaceutical enterprises TOP10
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    Suzhou Sothis Purification Equipment Factory

    Suzhou Suxin Purification Equipment Factory is a professional manufacturer devoted to research and development of particle counting inspection, design consultation of cleaning technologies and production of matched cleaning equipment. Since 1997, our company has comprehensively propelled our products to meet the requirements of different fields and different customers in the market.